Submit or Update Event

Submit an Event

To submit an event to Randolph News Now's event calendar, complete the online form by going to: 

EVENTS > Submit an event 

Please note we do not list any of the following on our event calendar:

  • Political events that endorse a specific candidate or party
  • Events designed solely to promote sales at a commercial for-profit business
  • Single family yard sales or estate auctions

Have multiple dates or re-occurring events to submit?

Contact the news desk by email and include information about the event and the number of dates the event takes place on. 

Having Trouble?

If you have trouble submitting an event, such as the form not loading, or an error message contact the news desk by emailing [email protected]

Update an Event

If you have an event listed on Randolph News Now's event calendar that needs to be updated, you should contact the news desk by email. Include the name of the event and the date it is currently scheduled along with information about the requested change. 

We request event hosts to update us when:

  • An event has been rescheduled
  • An event has been postponed 
  • An event has been canceled
  • There has been a change to admissions policy or price

It is important that Randolph News Now is made aware of event changes and can update our site as several other sites and apps aggregate events from our Event Calendar. Updating an event on our end should trigger an update on aggregated sites. News desk staff may also need to reschedule or cancel any scheduled posts planned for our social media accounts. 

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